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Welcome to the 4th edition of the Ten Spot! This time out an interview with illustrator Ant Picone! Let's get right to that, and we'll see you after that!


1. Who is Ant Picone on a day-to-day basis? 
Currently, I'm just a guy doing shipping and clerical work in a liquor store. When I'm not there, I spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend trying to make her watch movies and read comics. After failing repeatedly, I've since given up on that. Lately I do all my drawing on the train going to and from work. I almost never draw at home. I just do all my digital work at home in Photoshop, usually before leaving for work in the morning.   

2. What made you decide you wanted to be an artist? 
Comic books. I was always fascinated by the different art styles and techniques used from title to title.

3. Who are some of your favorite artists? 
I've always loved Geof Darrow's work. Art Adams, Eric Powel, Sean Murphy, Tony Moore, Steve Dillion, Brian Bolland…. There's so many, I could just go on and on so I'm just going to stop here.

4. Where's your favorite spot to create and why?
It used to be in bars or coffee shops, but as I mentioned, lately just on the train. It's one few places I have any free time anymore and there are always interesting and often odd people that I can draw inspiration from. Sometimes my Sketch Lottery characters aren't very accurate and that's because I don't exactly have much reference material while traveling and just go by memory. It's more fun that way sometimes.

5. What's your work space like?  Well, we all know what
Ant's Work Spaces
the subway is like, so there's that. When at home, I work at a computer desk in a small room somewhat cluttered with books and toys and crap. A coffee mug is always near. I cant tell you how many times I've spilled coffee all over the place. I'm surprised my keyboard still works.

6. What, if anything, do you use as inspiration (music, movies, TV, books, etc.) while creating a piece? Aside from the people on the train and sketch lottery characters, not much. When I do draw at home, I'll always have something playing in the background like a movie or stand-up comedy or something. Podcasts are great as well.

7. Which of your Sketch Lottery contributions do you consider your favorite?
Hard to say. I like most of them, all for different reasons. Probably Snout Spout I still enjoy looking at.... or maybe Buddy Bradley. I think that's a good one too. I don't know.

 8. Other than yours, which Sketch Lottery entries have you loved?
That's also a tough one. So much amazing work. Ben Granoff's Popeye was pretty great. Marco's Booster Gold, The Rat's Kaneda was hysterical.

9. If you could have any artist out there contribute a piece to Sketch Lottery, who would it be?
Back to Darrow. I can't help but to stare in amazement at just about everything he does.

10. Which character are you desperate to see come up in the Lottery?
I think Brock Sampson is going to bring in a lot of fun submissions.



Sabrina the Teenage Witch was our 40th subject and with that we toss JC Denton back into the Lottery for another possible go! Should JC be selected again, though, it would be the final time we'll get to draw him on Sketch Lottery. Good luck!



So, 40 subjects are in, and with that we reveal the artists who chose the last ten subjects and when they did so. Remember, with every submission you can (though, not required) toss a character into the Lottery. Click The Rules at the top of the page for all the info.

31. BANE: William Koehler (Indiana Jones)
32. LEORIC: Jerry Ma (Kaneda)
33. ORKO: Nick The Rat (Papa Smurf)
34.  LINK: Robert Clark (Creature) James Wilkes (Dracula)
35. EDGAR ALLAN POE: Chris Tesson (Dracula)
36. ALICE:  Thomas Napolitano (Connor MacLeod) Caitlin Slaninka (Salad Fingers)
37. TYPHOID MARY: Marco DiLeonardo (Snout Spout)
38. GALACTUS:  Lou Mazzella (Orko)
39. YODA: Ben Granoff (Rat Fink)
40. SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH: Michael Mongello (Alice)



• There must be some sort of drawn or painted (hand or digital) aspect to your entries. While I've loved all of the submissions, as we move forward I just want to put the Sketch part of Sketch Lottery first. So please, if you are submitting something that is more design, collage, sculpture/toy, or photo based please be sure to have added an element of drawing or painting (hand or digital) to it.
• Our rules stated that the very latest someone could submit a sketch for an outgoing subject was Monday at Noon. This vague "Noon" has now been updated to Monday at Noon EST!  We will not post ANYTHING after that time, so please do not send it in if it is past  Monday at Noon EST!  

That's it for this edition of The Ten Spot. Keep the sketches coming, and, again, please help spread the word about Sketch Lottery! Thanks all!

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