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Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Ten Spot, Sketch Lottery's little time-out post in-between every tenth subject. We're a little late this time, but we have an extra lengthy post for you. And while we're interrupting your World Cup viewing, which has been fantastic, this is a totally worthwhile distraction from that. Enjoy!

Our 80th subject is currently Drizzt Do'Urden of Forgotten Realms' The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, please join us in drawing him! With that 80th subject, and as we also do after every ten subjects, we toss an old character back into the mix for one more go around. So, if good ol' Papa Smurf comes back up in the Lottery, that will be the last shot to draw him for Sketch Lottery!

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Congrats to Sketch Lotterists Jerry Ma and Ken Knudtsen, who currently have multiple pieces in the NY Asian Film Festival Poster Art Show. Ma, who was featured in the last Ten Spot, also curated. You can see their work at Lincoln Center through July 14th!


Recently, some NYC based Sketch Lotterists got together to form a softball team to face DC Comics' vaunted Bullets on Sketch Lottery founder Sal Cipriano's birthday. Cipriano, also the Bullets manager, led the Lotterists into battle on this day. And the rag-tag team of artists bested the comic book giants 10-9 in a fantastic game! Here's some pics of the Lotterists in action, courtesy of Tommy Lombardozzi:

Top Row from left: Michael Mongello, Christian Fattorusso, Mike Bailey,  Mike Devito, Tommy Lombardozzi, Dov Torbin, Robert Clark; Bottom Row from left: Elgin Braden, Dezi Sienty, Marco DiLeonardo, Sal Cipriano, Thomas Napolitano, and our Sketch Lotterists that play with the DC Bullets: Taylor Esposito and Andrew Marino


Last, but not least we have our interview segment, and this time we turn our focus to the comedic artist/animator Nick the Rat! 

                                               ON THE (TEN) SPOT WITH NICK THE RAT!

1. Who is Nick the Rat?

I am Nick the Rat! A well-meaning, controversial troll! I like to talk about taboo subjects from original points of views. I love seeing how common people react to unpopular ideas. Nick the Rat tries to expand minds!

2. How'd you come up with the character, The Rat?

I was trying to develop a character that would be easy to animate and somehow connected with me. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, rats are some of the only wildlife I ever interact with  and I didn't want to make a human character. They are also misunderstood and very intelligent, just like me! ;) 

3. The Rat reminds me of something that would be on Adult Swim, what are some of your favorite cartoons?

Looney Toons, Ren and Stumpy  Beavis and Butthead and TMNT pretty much made me who I am today! Adult Swim has influenced my work a lot by showing me animation shortcuts. Sea Lab and ATHF have terrible animation, but has helped me as a one man studio, make animation simple and fun. Futurama, Sponge Bob, and Venture Bros. are also faves. 

4. What are you drawing, if anything, today, and if not what ARE you doing?
I'm always doodling rats, but when I need to relax you can find me watching Star Trek TNG or blowing things up in Mech Warrior Online or Star Citizen!

5. And what's your work space like? (see below)

6. What do you use as inspiration while creating a piece?  

I usually load up the interwebs and start surfing. I love looking at other peoples art before creating my own. Booze and bong hits get me feeling creative as well. ;)

7. Which of your Sketch Lottery contributions do you consider your favorite? 

I like my GANDALF the best. It's simple and makes me giggle still.

8. Other than yours, which Sketch Lottery entries have you loved?   

So many to choose! I must say, Marco usually blows me away. I bet he wears tighty whiteys with Lobo's face ironed on the ass. Also anything by Picone and Andy McDonald as well! All the artists are great. That's what I love most about Sketch Lottery... the diversity!

9. If you could have any artist out there contribute a piece to Sketch Lottery, who would it be?

Jamie Hewlett, Geof Darrow, or Frazzeta. <333 font="">

10. Which character are you desperate to see come up in the Lottery?

I'd like to see something sexy come up... maybe Elvira!  >:D

That's it for this edition of The Ten Spot. Keep the sketches coming, and please help spread the word about Sketch Lottery!

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