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Hey everyone! Welcome to the latest edition of The Ten Spot! It's a summer ending one at that, one that saw an excellent amount of sketches with a wide ranging amount of subjects. Some of our biggest sets came this season with subjects like Alien, Usagi Yojimbo, The Crow, Moon Knight, Stitch, E.T., Han Solo, Sunspot, and Zsasz all reaching 20 or more sketches each! So why not come join us in drawing our two current subjects: Classy Freddie Blassie till Monday Noon EST, and Freddy Krueger till 7/15 Noon EST!

The Dream Master is also our 90th subject, pretty awesome btw, and with that, we throw an old character back onto the Lottery Character List one last time. That character? Snout Spout! So, if he comes back up through the weekly randomization process, that will be the last time to draw the firefighter of Eternia!


1. Who is Ken Knudtsen and why do you draw?

Ken Knudtsen is a...late 30's (oofa)...artist that loves to draw anything and everything. And I draw because I can't NOT draw. Wow, one question in and already I'm getting Eli Manning corny...

2. What are your favorite subjects to draw?

I really love to draw people in environments, largely due to the amazing life and location drawing classes taught by John Ruggeri at SVA. This, to answer that cranky Jerry Ma, is why my "sketches" always have backgrounds. I feel that my drawings suffer A LOT if the subject isn't part of an environment. I think I also like the "telling a story" aspect when I include settings.

3. You're responsible for the great My Monkey's Name Is Jennifer comic book, how'd that story come about?

When I graduated from SVA, it quickly became apparent that I was not gonna get an awesome monthly title like Quasar:The Cosmic Avenger or my boy Nightwing. I was meeting with some other SVA guys (including the aforementioned Mr. Ma), and we started discussing creating our own titles.

And I had nothing.

So, watching The Simpsons one day, its greatest episode ever was on: the one with Mojo, the helper monkey. "I know, I'll draw a monkey!" I immediately thought. "And he'll be angry!"
For the next meeting, I presented the guys with the first couple of pages that I had finished (the first 6 pgs from issue #1). They were...I won't say impressed...I guess unsure is a good word. "So, you're going to do a book about a little girl and a monkey?" Brian asked. "No, it's a cross dressing monkey. And he's not happy about that" I helpfully replied.

By the time Jerry and I headed out to San Diego Comic Con (my first time going!), I had the entire first issue completed (side note for the kids: DO NOT CARRY AROUND 30 ORIGINAL PAGES IN A PORTFOLIO FOR FOUR DAYS! You'll save your arms and shoulders a ton of strain and pain). Man, was I fucking nervous...which wasn't helped when the first three editors that I showed the pages to all said, "This looks great, but I think I've seen this somewhere before."


There's ANOTHER person here with a book about a transvestite monkey comic?! How is that even a possibility?! Then the next editor saves my life with, "Oh, this is the thing that Peter David liked in his review". I promptly track down the CBG that they were giving away at SDCC, flip to David's weekly column in the back, and there was Jennifer! David (who I had handed photocopies of my pages at a recent NY con) positively (wooooo!) reviewed my comic and ran the first three panels!

The next day, I managed (there was a bit of celebrating that night) to make my way to the SLG Publishing booth. After finding the one guy not being mobbed by fans, I asked for the submission guidelines. Handing me that, the guy says, "Well, I own the company, and I'm going to be seeing this at some point. I can look at it now if you want." It was Dan Vado! He opened my portfolio, and immediately started laughing (whew). We talked there, and then two months after to set up a schedule. I was getting published!

4. Will Jennifer make a comeback?

I'm currently writing the third graphic novel, and I really want to get to the drawing phase as soon as I can!

5. We actually had Jennifer as a subject recently here on Sketch Lottery, how'd you feel about everyone drawing your creation?

I was pretty psyched that Jennifer was chosen, and then really happy that as many people drew him as they did. Thanks everyone!

6. What's your workspace like?

Surrounded by artwork by people and teachers that I respect, to constantly be looking at things in as many different ways as possible. My drawing table is always clear of non art related items, and right in front of a window (I'm a big fan of natural light).

Panoramic view of Ken's space. Click to enlarge!

7. What do you use as inspiration (music, movies, TV, books, etc.) while creating a piece?  

The TV is off when I draw (as a visually focused person, looking at images when I'm trying to work becomes too distracting for me). I'm always listening to music, and there are books and comics within reach at all times.

8. Which of your Sketch Lottery contributions do you consider your favorites? 

I'm really happy with my Black Belt Jones! For the drawings aspect, I'm pretty pleased with the Clark Kent, Hawkeye (all 3 that I did), Walter, Tank Girl, Mr. Zszaz, Super Mario, and Ultraman. As for just a concept idea, I think I laughed myself retarded when I put together my Beyonder drawing.

9. Other than yours, which Sketch Lottery entries have you loved?

Love Jerry Ma's contributions, and Marco's are great too (psst, I think he likes Lobo). That Sal guy always seems to get his in at the last second. I'll bet he's too busy eating candy.

10. Candy is yummy...OK, lastly, which character are you desperate to see come up in the Lottery?

HAVOK! HAVOK! HAVOK! Firestorm would be cool, Damien (Robin), and one of the greatest performances of film in our lifetimes, the immortal Bodhi (Point Break)! 

Check out all of Ken's contributions here!



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That's it for this edition of The Ten Spot. Keep the sketches coming, and thanks for reading! 

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