Sketch Lottery is an open group sketch blog that wants to see your version of popular characters!

Send your sketches (jpegs or pngs only, unless otherwise arranged) to and join the artists' list:


FREE FOR ALL 6/1 through 8/31!




 • Every Friday a new character will be revealed via randomized lottery.

• Sketches will be accepted from Friday through the next two Fridays!
Please note: that is the ABSOLUTE LATEST we will accept a sketch.

Sketch Lottery will begin posting new sketches immediately; that said, you can still submit sketches for the previous subject even after a new subject is announced through the 2nd Friday.

• Every time you submit a sketch you may add a subject to the Lottery.

• You can enter the same character over and over if you'd like as each time you do it
will be considered a vote and increase the chances of a favorite character coming out.

• NEW: Once a subject is chosen, it will be retired from the list completely!

• NEW: Every year, though, we will have a special throwback set where you can draw any character from the Lottery List that we've done already! This will be the final set every year!

• Subjects must be individual characters; no duos, groups, or personal characters,
and can be from pop culture to history to current day figures, however, Sketch Lottery will not
stop you from adding additional characters to your piece. Also, please no personal characters. Someone else may, however, pick one of your creations if it is a published or known commodity.

The Ben Granoff Rule: Please do not send more than one file per submission.
As cool as this is (click the title link for awesomeness!), it's very hard on the blog logistics.

• You may submit up to THREE illustrations per subject,
BUT it must be an ORIGINAL or FIRST RUN image. Please do not copy an existing image.

• Sketches must have the character picked in it, and can no longer be suggestive or a play on words. It can be a redesign or reimagining, however. Sketch Lottery reserves to right to make the call on whether your submission fits this criteria.

• Sketches must also have some sort of SKETCHED quality to it.
Paintings are accepted as well, but we no longer accept sculptures/toys/etc.
No straight-up collages will be accepted as well.
If you use existing photos (Yours or Not) in your piece please
make sure the image has been altered using the above means.

• That said, Sketch Lottery encourages you to draw original pieces more than anything else.
It is call SKETCH Lottery after all.

Sketch Lottery holds no ownership over your images,
but please do not post it elsewhere until AFTER it is posted here.

• Please let us know if you want your website included with your piece.
OR feel free to use it to promote something else such as your Social Media,
Contact Info, Interviews, or any Other Work you may be doing.

•Please note when you send an image, you are automatically added to our email list.
The list is used to send out ONE weekly email that announces each subject,
alerts you to rules changes, or anything else that pertains with the website.

• Send images as jpegs or pngs or ask about other formats!
Please size your images between 350-600 pixels wide at 72 DPI!
Anything smaller will be rejected.
Anything bigger will be resized as Sketch Lottery sees it best.

• All skill levels accepted.

• Send your work to

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